DC Recordkeeping and Plan Administration

Rudd and Wisdom provides consulting, recordkeeping, and administrative services to employers, sponsors and trustees of defined contribution plans such as 401(k) Plans, 403(b) Plans, 457 Plans and non-qualified plans.


Plan Design

We design retirement plans that work.

  • Plan designs to motivate your staff and enable you to help your staff save for retirement in a tax efficient way.
  • Plan operations to remove the monthly hassle of administering the plan.
  • Useful reports to show the participation level, contribution level and investment choices by demographic groups.
  • We complete important plan filings and submissions on your behalf.
  • We help you stay compliant with IRS, DoL and ERISA rgulations and guidance.

Plan Implementation and Rollout

Rudd and Wisdom will help roll out and market your plan to your employees.

  • We prepare the plan document, and the Summary Plan Document.
  • We help you choose investments for the plan,
  • We set up plan forms and educational materials for the participants
  • We establish the monthly and annual processes,
  • We present to employees at rollout meetings to introduce and explain the plan,
  • We answer questions from employees.

Plan Administration and Record Keeping

We will look after the ongoing administration and record keeping for the plan:

  • Making sure that the regular contributions to participant accounts are made and investments are recorded accurately.
  • Ensuring that new participants are entered into the plan once they are eligible.
  • Assisting departing participants with the various options they may choose from when they terminate from employment or retire.
  • Assisting beneficiaries upon the death of a participant.
  • Providing quarterly and annual reports to participants and employers.
  • Providing the various reports and returns to the DoL and IRS.

Participant Website

Our participant website provides participants an accurate and easy-to-understand view of their retirement savings. They can use the website to change their existing portfolio investments and to change the investment of their future contributions.  The website helps them project the  size of their portfolio at retirement under various assumptions.  The site models whether the portfolio will provide an adequate living standard in retirement, and helps participants develop an effective savings plan to reach that goal.  The website contains a range of participant educational materials including some interesting and effective videos.

Sponsor Website

Our sponsor website provides the ability to check on an individual participant’s account and to assist with participant inquiries.  It also contains a range of reports and plan summaries, showing participation levels and amounts.

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