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About Us

Rudd and Wisdom, Inc. was established in 1945 under the name of John S. Rudd, Jr.  Eugene Wisdom joined the firm in 1952. Soon thereafter began the operation of the partnership Rudd and Wisdom Consulting Actuaries.  The partnership continued until the firm was incorporated in the State of Texas under the name Rudd and Wisdom, Inc. on January 1, 1977.  Rudd and Wisdom, Inc. is the oldest continuously operating actuarial consulting firm in the State of Texas, and we continue to be owned and managed by the principals of the firm.

Mr. Rudd and Mr. Wisdom remained active with the firm until their retirements in 1975 and 1989, respectively.  Our founding partners created a legacy of independence, professionalism, ethics and integrity that continues to this day and serves as the foundation upon which the firm is operated.

Our staff includes an extensive group of talented consulting actuaries and other professionals with experience across a broad range of disciplines.  Biographical information for the actuaries of the firm is also available on this web site.

We provide actuarial and management consulting services for life and property/casualty insurance companies, actuarial and advisory services for pension, health and other employee benefits plans, expert actuarial and economic testimony, financial planning and investment advisory services for individuals and employee groups, and administrative systems for insurance companies. Our clients include privately held and publicly traded concerns, trade and professional associations, governmental entities and other professionals.

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